Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Looking Back at 2010

It has been quite a year 2010. There were plenty of stories that have touched us all in different ways, images that we'll never forget, and likely personal moments that test or reward us.

I cherish my time with  my family, especially around Christmas. It's a time to reconnect, especially with my two teenagers, and recharge the batteries so to speak for the challenges that the New Year will bring.

As far as work is concerned it has been relatively busy, at least for a daily newspaper photographer working in Canada. Below is a collection of twelve images - one, unpublished photograph from each month of the year - a year that had me on the road for about 60 days working on the Haitian earthquake, the Olympics, the Dementia Series, and one other that will be published in February.

There are also more images posted on my website as a 2010 Year in Review slideshow.

A young girl heads home from her father's funeral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Sidney Crosby celebrates his "Golden Goal" at the Olympics.

Canadian guitarist, singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn.

Demonstrators draw attention to the mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows

Street art by cyclists protesting charges dropped against Michael Bryant

A house rests precariously atop the eroding Scarborough Bluffs

Marios Gregorio, who suffers from dementia, doing his morning Tai Chi.

Two less-than-threatening bikers at Port Dover's Friday 13th celebration.

Tuyet Nguyen blowing bubbles with her daughter, Thuy Crawford, 

Farley Mowatt turns up his nose at the mention of digital photography.

Nadia Salhia happy at home after successful liberation treatment for MS.

Connie Chan, 87, gets her hair brushed by her daughter, Carbique Tse.

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