Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter Solstice Parade

When you work in a place for a long period of time - twenty-one years in Toronto for me for example - you find that sometimes event assignments can get repetitive year after year. However, I've found that this happens less frequently that I've expected, and once in awhile something comes along that, surprisingly, I've never photographed before. Last night was one example of this.

Nothing is earth shattering about a Winter Solstice parade, but I certainly enjoyed being out in the cold last night, with the throngs of happy people, winding my way through the quaint streets of Kensington Market as they celebrated the longest night of the year.

Usually when I march with a crowd through the streets of Toronto there is usually anger in their voices directed at the towering financial buildings, or the dark shapes of law enforcement keeping a close watch nearby.

Last night had none of this. Last night was all good, clean, fun, celebration, and entertainment, where the only hint of danger came from the daring fire breathers who left the crowd in awe, and a distinct smell of kerosene in the air. Families, children, musicians, puppeteers, and actors of all ages left their inhibitions inside and braved the chill air to warm the hearts of everyone.

It's surprising that I've never photographed this parade before, and it made for an interesting, refreshing assignment. A fitting "last" assignment on my last scheduled night of work before 2011.

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  1. Hi Peter! I love that first picture! It looks like a something from a fantasy video game ... awesome!