Friday, 17 December 2010


I can't believe what I've done. Until now, the limit of my social networking has been my website (www.peterpower.ca) and this rarely-ever-read blog of mine.

While everyone I know it seems has been using Facebook for years, I have resisted, and frankly prefer to keep a wee bit of my personal life.....well, personal.

And Twitter has been a mystery to me...but is a little less so today perhaps because as of yesterday afternoon I can now be followed on Twitter. As my wife said, "Hell must have frozen over!" Another friend and colleague asked, "How could you skip Facebook and go straight to Twitter." Welcome to the 21st Century I guess.

My guess is my Twitter account will be as busy as this blog has been, so if yoiu want to follow someone who rarely TWEETS, I can be found at powerglobe.

C'mon Facebook.

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