Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Meeting the "DOCTOR"

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a LowePro sponsored event in Toronto where the guest speaker was Dr. Ted Grant, who is widely know as The Father of Canadian Photojournalism.

The evening was very enjoyable, as much for the opportunity to meet Toronto-based photographers from various backgrounds, as it was for the opportunity to listen to Ted speak with passion, humour, and emotion about his career, his life and his images.

While his images speak for themselves, I was perhaps most impressed by the man behind those images. He is indeed a gentleman, both humble, and generous. His attention was demanded by everyone there, so while we didn't have long to chat with one another it was a joy to stand there and listen while he held court. Sixty years in this business, and he is still going strong! And he still enjoys the banter with fellow photographers about moments on assignment, beers (or whiskey) drank among friends, and attractive ladies in skirts.

There is much we can all learn from looking at the work of other photojournalists, especially a body of work crafted over so many decades, but what I will personally cherish most about last night was Mr. Grant's infectious positive attitude, and his his passion for our chosen vocation. He wouldn't like it if I called it a job, and I have to agree....most days.

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