Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Dementia Project

I've recently completed work on a three-month long project for The Globe and Mail called Dementia - Confronting the Crisis. The series began on the front of a Saturday paper on September 18th, with the full first ten pages of the Focus section devoted to it. Images and stories also ran every day the week following the launch of the series.

In addition to the still images, a selection of which I've place on my personal website, I produced four audio slideshows using Final Cut Pro.

Working on this project was an incredible personal and professional experience. The families who opened themselves up to me and the reporters were wonderful, patient, and passionate about the issues surrounding dementia. It has been great to receive very positive feedback from them especially. I worked closely with Globe reporter Erin Anderssen, and with the editing team in the Focus section, especially page designer David Woodside who did a fantastic job.

If you missed the series in The Globe and Mail, (see the page PDF's below) I highly suggest having a look and reading the depth of material produced for it.

Everyone did a great job, and I know we are all proud to have brought some light to this terrible disease that affects so many.

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