Saturday, 3 October 2009


It's been a crazy week, and although I'm normally really slow to update the blog, I thought I'd try to give a quick recap.

I think I've finally recovered from the cruise, and enough work has happened to lock most memories away in a safe part of my mind. Part of my job on the cruise was to present a visual recap of the trip to all of the guests, which I did, in the form of a 22 minute slideshow. I've since edited this down to about 8 minutes, limiting it to our destinations only, and it is available for viewing here.

Last week Ian Brown and his wife Johanna Schneller hosted a book launch for his book, "The Boy in the Moon - A Father's Search for his Disabled Son." It was a great evening, and I was reminded of the positive experience it has been to be involved with Ian and his family while working on The Globe and Mail's publication of the newspaper version of The Boy in the Moon, and of course, the online version of It will prove to be a great read.

This is essentially the published cover, without the extended title. Many thanks to the folks at Random House who allowed me to participate in the choice of photographs for the cover. It was a very positive experience.

I was pleased that the cover of Ian's book is one of my favorite images from that period. I realized far too late that I should have tried to have a companion book of photography published, but perhaps there will be time for that yet.

Next, we learned last week as well, that The Globe and Mail was the winner of an Emmy Award, of all things, for the online production of Talking to the Taliban. First Webbys for and now this. Awesome! Congrats to everyone involved. They make us all very proud at The Globe and Mail.

You can read the story here.

Finally, I've been able to do some work on a project that I've been poking at here and there for the better part of two years. It hasn't been easy to drum up support for it, nor find the time to make images for that matter, but if all goes as planned it will finally find a home in The Globe and Mail and on globeandmail.com on Canada's Thanksgiving weekend. As I said in a recent meeting, the story will be born prematurely, but at least it will get some life. Thanks to Tony Reinhart for working with me, helping to give the story some legs and really giving us an opportunity to publish something.

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