Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Website Has a New Look

The folks at Big Black Bag have been allowing us users to experiment with a new template for some time now. I of course have been slow to react to this, and haven't toyed with the new template much at all.

Of course I also failed to realize that my old site would cease to exist on a given date IF i had built a site with the new template. At least this is what appears to have happened.

In any case, things look somewhat different on www.peterpower.ca right now, and there are a number of galleries missing. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be adding some galleries and populating them with images.

I do like the look of the new template, and it is as easy, if not easier than the old site to manage. One thing that is exciting is that I will be able to add flash content, which means many of my multimedia works can rest on the website itself.

If you are curious to see what this provider can do for you check them out at www.bigblackbag.com .

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