Saturday, 1 December 2007

Walker's Story

It has been an exhausting couple of months working closely with award-winning Globe and Mail writer Ian Brown, the extremely talented Assistant Photo Editor Jayson Taylor, and the super-creative web guru Chris Manza on a touching and honest story about Ian's 11-year old son Walker who was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder. Designer David Woodside, who was patient, thoughtful, and always willing to consider my thoughts designed the 7-page layout for The Globe and Mail, and David Pratt engineered the unbelievably effective A1 treatment. These guys have been great to work with! My thanks to them and many, many others have worked hard to present this story in the newspaper as well as online. Their unprecedented level of dedication, and cooperation at every level must be appreciated. Thanks to my boss, Deputy Managing Editor Photography, Moe Doiron for being the sensible quarterback throughout this entire process!

Today's is the first installment of the story which will continue over the next two Saturdays. Follow the link below to experience the story as it is presented on globeandmail.com.

globeandmail.com: The Boy in the Moon

There is also now a link to the collection of six videos only.

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