Thursday, 24 May 2007

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I just finished reading another article by David Leeson of the Dallas Morning News on Sportshooter.com .

Unfortunately, it seems that David finds himself defending his views on HDV. It seems that although his work, with stills, and HDV, has been quite successful, and groundbreaking, some people resent his "push" into this new medium.

I have to say, that although I haven't yet picked up a video camera (for work at least), I know that I soon will. I actually find myself somewhat excited by the idea. although I hate to think of the day when I will no longer carry my EOS.

What has happened to prompt David to write this letter I do not know, but I do know that he is a pioneer in an industry that needs pioneers. He has always been successful in our industry, regardless of how he has gathered his images, and I for one, am, and will continue to look to his experience as I delve into this new medium.

The bottom line is that too many photographers, or their organizations are diving into video, and audio slideshows for that matter, without enough research, training, and/or the desire to maintain a high standard. Just look at some of the Soundslides productions we've all been experimenting with of late. How many are filled with images that really merit such a presentation?

We all need to strive to maintain the highest standard we possibly can, no matter which medium we use to collect, and or display our images. David Leeson, agree with him or not, is only helping in this regard.

I'll continue to do what has always worked for me. I'll try to learn from those around me, and I'll try to adapt what I learn to my own environment, and my own assignments. I'll take what I believe in, what works for me, and what will help make my message stronger. Some information I may discard, but not without first considering it. In the end, hopefully, I will be a better visual journalist for it, with a wider range of skills, and a broader audience. I will continue to make still images, but I will also produce "moving" images, and dynamic sound, that should continue to be effective, and hopefully "affective" regardless of the medium they are published in.

If any one wishes to resist progress toward HDV, good for you. That is your choice, but what does it say, when a leader in our industry feels that he needs to defend the fact that he is sharing information that we may all benefit from?

Take it or leave it folks, but don't shoot the messenger.

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