Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Mammoth Career Decision

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've had in many, many years!

In a matter of a few short minutes I accepted a job offer from the Globe and Mail Newspaper, and handed in my resignation to the Toronto Star. In a snap, the decision I had been losing sleep over had become a reality!

My emotions were all over the map. I was terrified, but very excited at the same time. But despite everything I was very confident that the long thought-out decision I had made was the right one for me, and my family at this time.

I've been at The Toronto Star for just under 17 years! I have made many dear friends and colleagues, and I am a better person for the considerations that people have shown me througout. I will miss them all, but the Globe isn't too far away, and I know that the bonds I have made will continue.

There are things I want, and need to say to my colleagues in the extremely talented photo department at The Star, and to my reporter friends that I have worked so closely with in every situation imaginable. But I think these are best said in person. They should all know that I cherish them all immensely, and I hope they will someday understand my choice, and wish me luck. I can only hope for them that they all continue to have success in their careers and personal lives.

The next two weeks will be very strange and difficult indeed as I complete my time at One Yonge. As always I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and already I have been on the edge of losing it several times. Saying good-bye will be difficult indeed.

On March 19th I will work my first shift at the Globe and Mail, and that is very exciting. Now that my decision is done, I am looking forward to working with a great new goup of photographers, editors, and writers. I'm sure that the friendships I have made already will grow, and new ones will be forged through new experiences. I'm looking forward to new challenges and opportunities to participate in some great journalism. I am confident that this next stage of my career will be as fullfilling and successful as the last 17 have been.

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