Monday, 19 February 2007

Hamilton Snowfall - Test Post

It looks like the weather in southern Ontario is on the verge of warming up again. After waiting, it seems for a long time for winter to arrive, we finally got a dumping of snow that folks in Hamilton will not soon forget.

Last Tuesday the snow started falling here - lake effect snow in Hamilton, coming off Lake Ontario - which doesn't freeze over in winter. By the afternoon on Tuesday I had already shovelled my driveway twice, and according to weather forecasters, the winter storm sysytem hadn't yet reached us!

By Wednesday morning we were in full winter storm mode, and before the storm would be over, forecasters would be reporting a total of 75cm of new snow in the Hamilton area.

Like many of my neighbors, I had to dig out my vehicle before being able to start work. Both of the cars in my drive were door-handle deep in snow, and nearly covered with the drifts. For three hours I shovelled, but took a break every hour or so to warm up, and to send some storm pictures (via FTP) to my office. My neighbor was surprised to learn that an image of her shovelling was on the front of thestar.com throughout most of the day, but she didn't mind.